In my journey to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, I have decided to help others reach their fitness goals and get into the best shape of their lives, forever, FOR LIFE! Whether you want to run a marathon, shape your figure, learn to eat clean and maintain a healthy goal weight, I am here to inspire, coach and motivate you to achieve your goals.

I understand the importance of time constraints, budgeting and fitting everything into one day.  As a mother of three children who actively compete in travel sports, and developing over 100 softball pitching athletes per year, I have been through the challenges of learning how to commit to staying healthy.  Let me guide, inspire and educate you, to make simple lifestyle changes through diet, exercise and commitment. I will help you change the way you feel, provide highly energy levels and implement this lifestyle FOR LIFE!

With a degree in Exercise Science, a 7 time marathon finisher and NPC competitor, I have worked through many realms of fitness. My experience includes coaching high level athletes to build strength, running various boot camps, personal one on one training in my home gym and designing diet plans that will make you feel satisfied while achieving weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes.

Afraid of the gym? Come train with me at my home, where I have heavy weights, cardio equipment, latest fitness apparatus and whatever type of equipment you would need to train with. Need a clean eating makeover? Let me show you what to buy, how to prep and prepare for the week, so you can continue to achieve your Fit for life makeover.

Train with me. Stay jillienfit year long… And still enjoy life.


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